Thanks to our Wonderful Supporters, we have begun partnering with a critical program in the Caribbean called the Good JuJu Charity Project, sponsored by The Eastwick Foundation, who has  double matched our contributions. Please see below all the wonderful things they are doing for children:

BRAAF  (Building Resilience In African American Families) is an Africentric Youth & Family Rites of Passage Program. See                       


This program embraces and teaches the skills and knowledge necessary for positive academic and social development. Vela is pleased to support and celebrate those students who complete their annual rites-of-passage requirements.Vela strongly believes that this model program should be replicated in other communities where

black youth academic and social enrichment is needed. We greatly all financial and technical support we can receive toward this endeavor.

 South African Alliance

VELA has a charitable alliance with citizens of the MPUMALANGA Province, South Africa. Our charity is helping 50 families struggling to take care of orphans who lost their parents through HIV, COVID, and other diseases. VELA provides these families with Food Parcels to help sustain the health of the children. 

Food Distribution                                                    Combined With Church Service
Expressions of Gratitude - "Thank You VELA"

  Please visit our "Donate" Page to help us        in this effort.


This important project is coordinated by VELA Board Member, Shirley Kgaladi. We are thankful to Shirley for her work, and we are happy to assist our brothers and sisters in 

MPUMALANGA, South Africa.

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